About US

BC Centre For New Farmers is located on UpBeet Farm by Stump Lake, BC. It is owned and operated by Rob and Stacey Spring along with the help of our many farm friends and family.


Our primary purpose is to enable people to start and operate their own successful, independent, small agricultural businesses. We will do this by providing seed funding, free lease on farmland, irrigation, seasonal housing, access to all needed farm equipment, business mentorship, support with marketing and distribution to each applicant to our program.

If you're interested in joining us on this adventure in any please don't hestiate to contact us at robert@upbeetfarm.com

BCCNF is located at UpBeet Farm and is a multi-faceted project with plans to grow and nurture the values of sustainability, conservation, stewardship, community and organic growing. Much beyond that our highest mission is to share our land so that new farmers can get the best opportunity and support to pursue their passion to farm. Core to this mission is education.